What is an affinity social network community?

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An "affinity social network community" (ASNC) is a social media presence designed to gather in one place persons with a shared interest in a particular cause, institution, or fan base. It is a presence that gathers content in one place that is of interest to those with the shared affinity. The need for ASNC is derived from the desire to network with others with whom they have a common interest. The backbone of ASNCs is existing social media presences such as facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and websites. The ASNC aggregates information through voluntary participation of members who wish to share their information to a targeted group.

The term ASNC was created by Mike Keliher in order to distinguish platforms he had designed for promotion of charities. Mike believed that the term "networking" was too often used in a context of "business development" in which the idea of networking was to use network for the benefit of the individual. Mike believes instead that the principal reason to "network" is to help others. An ASNC does this by allowing participants to learn about others sharing the entity level affinity but desiring to connect with others at sub-levels. An ASNC does this by promoting and creating visibility. It also eliminates the system gaming done by search engines, which are designed not necessarily to identify the best connections, but instead to profit through charging fees to those who wish to pay to be "on the first page."

An ASNC to operate properly cannot be run for profit or designed to limit networking. Instead all those involved in a particular affinity group can participate by providing information of interest as to those in the entity level or sub-entity levels.

Some examples of ASNCs involved in charity are:

Buckeye Nation ASNC (buckeyenationasnc.org)

Go Blue Then and Now (gobluetan.org);

Irish Player Charities (goirishipc.org); and

Success with Honor (www.successwithhonor.us).

ASNCs are the wave of the future in social networking.    

For more information please Link in with Mike Keliher, friend him at Lewis Field (look for that name) or tweet him @Mike_Keliher (note need _ as there is more than one Mike Keliher).

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